Travel With Ann

Why do you travel?

You’re in the right place if you prefer to think that you are not escaping FROM something but rather TO something. 
…if you travel to learn about a different way of life. 
…if you believe travel is about the memories and connections you make.
…if you believe in buying experiences more than possessions.

That’s what my Travel With Ann trips are all about.

Ann Becker and Friends Osa 2011

Travel with Ann tour | Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Have you heard of Experiential Travel? 

Tired of all the typical tourist traps, travelers today are now interested in what’s being called ‘experiential travel.’ Also called immersion travel, travelers are looking to connect with destinations on a deeper emotional level, to get to know the day-to-day, the history, food and culture of the places they visit.

That makes me a travel trendsetter!

Who would have thought I’d be ‘trendy,’ but the truth is that I have been leading experiential trips to Costa Rica and neighboring countries for over a decade now.

Wonderful Women 7

Our 7th Wonderful Women Adventure

How I create Travel With Ann trips

Every year, I go on ‘sourcing’ trips, exploring destinations and making arrangements for future trips. This can be spots I’ve been taking people to for years or new destinations in Costa Rica (and Nicaragua and Panama).

I build personal relationships with local companies, lodges and guides so that your trips are hand-crafted in every region.

They’re calling me the Costa Rica Connoisseur – I think it has a nice ring to it.

It is most important to me that you get to know the real Costa Rica. Not the sun and sand version of the country, but the Costa Rica that I fell head over heels in love with in 2005. I vowed to find a way to get back to Costa Rica every year thereafter and created Travel With Ann tours to show travelers the true magic of the country. 

Unique to our trips: Group Dynamic

Los Santos Women Group

I make certain that it’s not just the external experiences that make an impact. The value of these trips is exponentially greater thanks to a powerful group dynamic and bonding that occurs. I build these trips with three elements in mind:

The People: The human element

You connect and develop meaningful relationships with fellow travelers and local Costa Ricans through deep, immersive experiences that otherwise wouldn’t be possible in your daily life.

The Land: The Costa Rica element 

There is a reason why Costa Rica is so popular with tourists of all backgrounds and interests. The land here is extraordinarily beautiful. When you travel with me, I’ll also show you the powerful biological complexity of Costa Rica and neighboring countries through visits to off the beaten path destinations and talks with locals and experts in those regions.

The Moment: The Pura Vida element

In Spanish, Pura Vida translates roughly into “Pure Life”, but this popular Costa Rican phrase is a way of life and means full of life, this is living, in the moment. This is how I plan my trips – you focus on the here and now, with a bit more adventure and a little less self-consciousness than in your daily life.

The longer we stay, the more you embrace the Pura Vida, and I hope that’s the best souvenir you bring back home with you.

How to register for a Travel With Ann Experiential Trip to Costa Rica

Send me an email at to let me know which trip – Wonderful Women Adventure (women only) or Spanish Language/Cultural Immersion (co-ed) you are interested in.
I’ll send you more information via email – including the full itinerary and I will answer any and all questions that you have about our adventures to make sure it’s the right trip for you. 

The two experiential Costa Rica trips


  • Wonderful Women Adventure

    Upcoming trip: February 7 – February 17, 2018

    Learn More »

  • Spanish Language/Cultural Immersion Experience (co-ed trip)

    Most recent trip: June 14-21, 2015

    Learn More »

What people are saying about Travel with Ann trips:

Great opportunity to meet amazing women and also see side of Costa Rica that most tourists never get to experience.

A traveler on a Wonderful Women trip