Is This The Trip For You?

The Spanish/Cultural Immersion Trip in Costa Rica plans are fabulous, but no trip is for everyone. Please review the following information very carefully and be honest with yourself before you make your decision about registering for the trip. Should you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with me so that I can discuss them with you and help you make the right decision: or call 773-955-0162.

What should participants expect?

Fellow Travelers

  • Fun, active, curious and open-minded co-ed traveling companions of different ages, diverse walks of life and geographic locations.
  • sci-2013-106Common desire to expand one’s Spanish abilities through home stays and a customized immersion language and culture program.
  • A “glass is half full” outlook; positive and flexible attitudes.
  • Roommate assignments are made by Ann to facilitate healthy group dynamics and create opportunities for connections and friendships that might not be made otherwise. A different roommate will be assigned at each destination unless you are signing up as a couple or with a traveling companion, in which case you will share rooms with your travel partner. (Important Note: A very small number of single rooms are available on a “first come, first served” basis for an additional fee of $300.)

Active Travel

  • Experiencing firsthand different cultures, customs, and ecosystems; “out of the ordinary” activities.
  • Myriad opportunities to practice one’s Spanish beyond the Personalized Spanish portion of the trip.
  • Amazing flora and fauna.
  • frog

  • Experienced trip leader. Ann has traveled to Costa Rica approximately 30 times. She has led 15 prior group trips including multiple visits to destinations included in this itinerary.
  • Outstanding local teachers and bilingual guides (Osa tours will be conducted predominantly in English).
  • Walking, hiking and other activities in temperate and tropical humid climates, which require overall good health and physical condition.
  • Moments of emotional and physical intensity.
  • Opportunity for optional activities such as zip lining (canopy), guided bird and night walks, rainforest massage, and beach time.
  • Early to rise and generally early to bed.

School, Accommodations and Food


  • Modern school facilities, all classroom materials, daily snacks, free internet, wireless service and unlimited international calls.
  • Comfortable private homes in a secure community outside San Jose with two meals per day, laundry service, and easy walking distance to school; experienced host families.
  • Locally owned and comfortable small eco-lodges with private baths and hot water.
  • Food is typically plentiful with fresh local cuisine (lots of plantains, beans and rice, and when available, fresh fruits and vegetables), but choices are occasionally limited. While serious efforts are made to accommodate vegetarians and other dietary needs, occasionally flexibility may be required.

Transport and Transfer Times

  • Bus/van transport occasionally on bumpy, slow going, and windy roads.
  • A round trip domestic plane flight, approximately one hour each way.
  • Some activities only accessible by boat.
  • Occasional unpredictable travel times.


  • Temperate and tropical climates, including rain forests.
  • Weather that can be unpredictable and shift without much warning.

What should you NOT expect?

  • Air conditioned rooms and televisions on the Osa Peninsula.
  • Guaranteed daily phone and internet connectivity.
  • Need for high fashion attire.
  • Everything going exactly as planned!